"Darion - The human kingdom. Ruled by the successful king Mark Leonar the Wise, the humans worship God, study magic and alchemy. They are using the mechanisms of the dwarves and also have own inventions. Islands of freedom - Its part of Darion, but they have self-government, they have a governor appoint by the king of Darion, the islands are populated by pirates and contrabandists Kordor - is the dwarves kingdom its mountainous region, the dwarves are ruled by king Torn Digor severe Ruler but fair to everyone. The biggest part of the population is living under the ground Ellinia - the magical forest, home of the elves, they are ruled by queen Fioletta. The elves are wise and ancient nation, they are long-lived. One of the sights of the Great forest is the Tree of Life. Murok - home of the orcs, rocky territory, rarely you can see any plants there, the other races are calling the orcs "stupid and primitive like animals". There are endless wars between the tribes, but when they are all in great danger, the tribes will unite under the rule of the Council." Thanks Vokial.