fighting beyond grave

 How to win from the grave? Apply zombie combat!

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This is what happens when you go overboard with necromancy.

Thanks Avonu!

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HoMM2 CivMod

 Early testing screenshot. But still fascinating. There's even HoMM III. Civ Mod. Courtesy of Metropolis and Blake. See it  heregking1

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Case Mafinor

I gathered all evidence to his affair and yet he's still putting a fight! Portrait, letters, costume, trusthworthy witness. All proving that elf Mafinor has an affair with beatiful dwarven lady.

Check the fight what more you would expect?

It's well known that dwarves males and females are not easy to be distinguished. Even here!

(BTW it's strange like demons from Atrixus keep their word, whereas from Helvedia not.)

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cq utomost top reward

Knight - 100 Totems or Common Tomes or Common Essences
Prince - 300 Totems or Ancient Tomes or Rare Color Essences (10-15?)
Emperor - 500 Totems of one kind or mixed or Ancient Tomes (10 Compendium Packs) or Rare Essences  (20-30?)
Immortal - 5 Mystic Idols or 300 (15x20) Ancient Tomes or 5 Epic Color Essences
Demigod - 2 Legendary Idols or (200?) Formulas or 2 Legendary Essences
Deity - 4D Reaper, 3 Colored Leg Idols, 2 Leg Essences

 Things can be pretty interesting here..

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But be careful to not to turn it into your last wish.. 

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A town screen from SW mod. I didn't add one line in H3HD mod (<Fix.Cosmetic> = 0) and that's what happened.

Thanks Avonu

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me succession wars

Peek into the map editor of Succession Wars Mod released yesterday.

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CQ Lady of the Lake2

So this morning Lady of the Lake gave me double luck smile9

Thanks Galaad!

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20181016 014030

Within blink of an eye..

Thanks Galaad!

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