cq utomost top reward

Knight - 100 Totems or Common Tomes or Common Essences
Prince - 300 Totems or Ancient Tomes or Rare Color Essences (10-15?)
Emperor - 500 Totems of one kind or mixed or Ancient Tomes (10 Compendium Packs) or Rare Essences  (20-30?)
Immortal - 5 Mystic Idols or 300 (15x20) Ancient Tomes or 5 Epic Color Essences
Demigod - 2 Legendary Idols or (200?) Formulas or 2 Legendary Essences

 Things can be pretty interesting here..

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But be careful to not to turn it into your last wish.. 

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A town screen from SW mod. I didn't add one line in H3HD mod (<Fix.Cosmetic> = 0) and that's what happened.

Thanks Avonu

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me succession wars

Peek into the map editor of Succession Wars Mod released yesterday.

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CQ Lady of the Lake2

So this morning Lady of the Lake gave me double luck smile9

Thanks Galaad!

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20181016 014030

Within blink of an eye..

Thanks Galaad!

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Recurrent visits for Fun big smile

Thanks Galaad!

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CQ Guild Wars

So far the best and the first Castle - from Stickers. Guild Wars were added over weekend, stirring a communication within Guilds to unseen levels.


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CQ Mechanical Spider nuked

Nuking the Spider! smile teeth 

Thanks Galaad!

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H7 Dragon Utopia

See and compare fight in H7 Dragon Utopia against previous ones..

Thanks Avonu!

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