Master of Sighiosara team proudly presents new Ultimate Pack. Including one scenario never released before: "A Quest For No Mortal", which is set in first draft of Sighisoara world.

And as well new Havery's story written by Hero of Punk, other goodies are high-res images from all maps and wallpaper. Of course, there are also all campaigns and scenarios previously released. See full list here.

Peak in the story on the following lines..


Havery and the Dragon Scale Armor

The ocean breeze swept Havery's hair behind his shoulders, a mist of salt water droplets cascade over his face. His brittle armor's by now barely kept together by some knotted leather. Though it once had a proud iron coating, its current state saw it snagged at the joints due to thick layer of rust. The sound of iron clasping together reminded him of his childhood. Growing up in Dragonia, being born the son of a Dragonslayer was not easy. His father had become ill shortly after being granted access into the utopia of Dragon Slayers, making it hard to provide his family with steady income.


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When you will be ready for another journey, there's a bit of teaser from MoS IV, but you will need to wait for it:

We will follow Zhule, who is the son of Charles and Lairah from Campaign III. He is "plagued" by divine visions who has become increasingly dark as of recent. A weird looking, small figure, not a dwarf or a halfling has started showing up in his visions as well.
Zhule will venture out of Dragonia, his birthplace, to investigate the many appearances of Demons that haunt his nation. It will be an epic adventure that will end in the grandest battle that Sighisoara has ever seen...


Master of Sighiosara - Ultimate Pack consists from:

  • All three campaigns
  • All single scenarios ever released by us
  • An ALL NEW single scenario, not previously released, called "A Quest For No Mortal". Set in the first "draft" of Sighisoara. Made before Sighisoara is what it is today. Therefor no "true" storyline from the Sighisoara universe. Made by me around 2007, then polished by Yurian Stonebow.
  • Custom made music for the campaign made by Paul Anthony Romero, Per Pouraskari (Evlent Chapter) and Jim Nordström (
  • Pictures of all maps straight from the editor in very high definition
  • Wallpaper
  • A short story (by HoP) set in the Sighisoara universe, it is about Havery, a young adventurer seeking artifacts across Sighisoara. Battling Dragons, lizardmen and vicious zombies (and more of course).


The Sighisoara Team wishes you a most merry gaming experience. Enjoy the updated Campaign MoS3 1.11c!

The campaigns are recommended to be played with HD Mod by baratorch. They weren't tested with HoTA.

Please send us feedback at "Masters of Sighisoara - A whole new Continent"

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