A long awaited update 1.3.20 is here, if you feel that game is now faster - it's not a quirky dream, some animations for transition screens were shortened. There are many balance changes and  tweaks, see it outlined below:


  •  Shows 5 opponets to attack
  •  Better match-making, the same opponents should not cyclically return


  •  Long press the creature's icon (or fav within) to see where is used


  • Mythic Idols now guarantee a 3 or 4 Dot Epic or Legendary Creature


  •  You can now Quick Quest any map while in progress on a different Quest


There's also some ambiguous news, Essences are now color specific. This just delay bosses awakening but doesn't cut it nicely.



If you are about something wait, Kingdom mode should be behind the corner. Still no hints what it will be.

Please, update the game from the Store/Play.