To celebrate the (somewhat belated) release of the map editor, Celestial Heavens is pleased to announce its first Heroes V map-making contest! The contest is called 'A Little Challenge' because a little challenge is exactly what we are giving all you map-makers out there. You mission is to make a small sized map using the new editor in approximately three months. The contest begins today and closes on 1 January 2007.

The reason for having a small sized contest is to encourage as many entries as possible. The contest guidlines strongly suggest that you try to have your map bring out an interesting concept, theme or story and the small size should allow you to do this without having to spend months and months populating a large map.

There's something else which should encourage a large number of entries... prizes! We are offering up to three copies of Heroes Complete, and the number on offer is dependant on the number of contest entries.

Full details of the contest can be found on the Contest Page and if you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comments there.

So, to all you first time or veteran map-makers out there - have fun and get to work!

Update: Robenhagen has kindly put together a banner for the contest. There's a small version here and the full version on the contest page.

Status: Closed

This is a Heroes of Might and Magic 5 map contest open to anyone who submits a completed Heroes 5 map matching the contest requirements before the closing date. The general rules are as follows:

Small Map 'Concept' Details

The purpose of this map contest is to encourage a large number of map makers to try out the new map editor. To make it easy for as many map-makers as possible to enter, contest entries are limited to small size maps only. Small maps can be very fun to play, but are not particularly well suited to a simple, standard, mirror-image, ‘build up your town and then go conquer the enemy's town’ type of map. A good small map has a well defined 'concept' and implements this concept well.

There are a lot of small size maps for Heroes 4 which meet this description. Looking over them, Charragaust (artifact hunt), Duel Arena (set piece battles with pre-selected armies), Fanelia’s Plague (extremely tough final hero with a short buildup phase), Final Exam (beginning bonuses selection and scripted story), Freeing the Lady (rescue the princess race), Hero Wanted (RPG-esque hero map), Lunch (megadragon map), Malcolm in the Middle (siege setup), Plan B (Puzzle map), Poker (you play poker!), The End of the World (Noah’s Ark quest), The Life of Hobbit and Trapped Inside the beast (single creature) and Treasure Mountain (resource race) all had good concepts – and that's just out of the small maps I played.

The point I'm trying to get across is that your map should try and bring out an idea. It can be something simple like an obliesk hunt or a good story or something more complicated like heavy use of scripting in an otherwise normal map. You don't need to come up with anything particularly creative, but your map will be judged much better if you can come up with some sort of concept – provided the map design implements that concept well.

Judging Criterion

The judging criterion are as follows (in approximate order of importance):

Good luck and have fun!

Current Entries

Action and Reaction
Coming Home
Dragon's Cape
Dragon's Legacy
Fury of the Elements
Might Makes Right
Tales of Silentia
The Deciding Blow
The Keymasters
Triple Trouble
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