Got a potential POTD? Then we'd like to hear from you.

As some of the more astute of you may have noticed, there aren't many updates on our site nowadays. We're in "between games", as they say, so the producers aren't saying much, the fans aren't saying much... resulting in what I like to call the "slow news day". Basically, there's not much happening, so we have nothing to write about.

The decline in Community activity also means that you guys are less active in sending us material we can use for our "Picture Of The Day" feature. Yeah, that's what that stands for. Now you know. But frankly, these lulls in "between games" are becoming tedious, and that un-updated picture right at the top of the main page is really becoming an eye-sore. With the general slowdown, the "daily" feature went fast from weekly to almost monthly, and we'd really like to prevent it from becoming a "once a year" thing... So, this is an appeal to help us do something about it.

If you're playing a Heroes game, or Might & Magic, and something cool, nice and/or funny happens, press the "print screen" button. Store the image. Send it to us at the address below, there's a good lad. Oh, and do try and remember to tell us what the image is about, a'ight?