This really nice gameplay video over at ActionTrip shows great promise. By the looks of things, Armored Princess is coming along very nicely, expanding on the quality of what was one of last year's big surprises: King's Bounty.

The contents of the KB: Armored Princess expansion include:

  • A new female character: Princess Amelie.
  • A new Pangolin race.
  • You can turn your horse into a Pegasus, which can fly.
  • Resurrection of the contracts and headhunting system.
  • Fast travel between opened continents.
  • Tame dragon, which becomes more powerful when you do.
  • New engine supporting the latest graphic effects.
  • More story.
  • More spells.
  • More abilities - achieve level 50 and higher.
  • A whole new continent.
  • New unique bosses: Borer Robot, Gremlin, Archdemon Baal and more.

I am. like, so totally buying this. :D