Two new maps this weekend, just in time for Easter. Both are big single-player maps with underground, both for Heroes V - Tribes of the East. Why don't you put your Easter egg hunt on hold and have a go?

Map 1 is "Out of Mind" by Sarvi, a Large map in which the main protagonist goes into a coma after drinking something he shouldn't have, suddenly finding himself in a mythical dream world of monsters... sort of a Life on Mars scenario, only with dragons and cloaks instead of Ford Cortinas and camel coats. Closer to Narnia, perhaps. The mission is to survive the dream, wake up and return to the real world. Sounds original enough - a simple premise on which to base a decent playing experience.

Map 2 is "The Forgotten Hero" by mweil86, a yu-hu-huuuuge thing with pretty nice graphics. In this map, your mission is to get hold of an artefact - the Armour of the Forgotten Hero. According to the mapmaker, who obligingly also included a walkthrough in the readme, this RPG map "incorporates resource management, but no town building/development". That means you gotta do what you gotta do with what ya got, doesn't it. And what ya ain't got, you gotta get on ya own.