A bilingual interview with Dmitri Gusarov of Katuari Interactive (thanks RPGWatch) discusses the nature of the upcoming King's Bounty remake. The following quote should be of interest to those who were concerned about the real-time gameplay:

"King's Bounty is not a strategy [game], our game is a real-time role-playing game with turn-based tactical combats. There is one famous and similar game called Fire Emblem. You could travel around the map and then to fight in a large arena moving your warriors turn by turn there too. But nobody claims that game to be a strategy. All Final Fantasy games are based on that principle too. We run to a place we want to visit, deal with other characters, and when the battle starts we find ourselves on a special arena."

At RPGVault, there is also a lenghty interview with the development team. The second part of the article will be published later on. Check out both Web sites for new screenshots.