We just received Thunk, the second scenario of a campaign by Timothy Duncan (Corribus) and Timothy Pulver (Fnord). It's a large single-player map with quests and battles that requires you to return the Ashes of Aravicious to Castle Holbark. Thunk and Last Hope are part of a Heroes II campaign that is being converted to Heroes III and, more specifically, version 3.58f of the Wake of Gods mod. Please take a look at the readme file before you play, since it contains some important instructions.

There is also a new Heroes IV script, courtesy of Ekshenman. Commander.h4c contains a few surprises that you might want to use in your next map. I'd like to get some feedback regarding this script before I add it to the library. That being said, it's good to be able to catch up on the map posting. Kudos to all mapmakers and scripters who are still busy with the editor.
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