Passwords for King's Bounty

Written by rogue.

King's Bounty for Macintosh used the old-fashioned "page, line, word" method of copy protection which required you to look up a word on a certain line of a certain page in the manual before you could play. Heroes of Might and Magic came with King's Bounty for free on the CD-ROM, but, instead of including the King's Bounty manual, it just had a sheet of passwords. Some people have contacted me asking for these passwords because they lost the sheet they were on. To remedy the situation, I am making them available here.

Please report any errors if you find them. I typed this all without looking or double-checking. Also, the word at 30,4,6 says 'oblterated' on my sheet, but in reality, it might be 'obliterated'. I left it with what my sheet says, but if anyone ever confirms this one way or another, I'd appreciate if you let me know so I can change it if I need to. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Page, Line, Word

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