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by Kalah
Jan 6 2006, 0:02
Forum: Heroes V-VI
Topic: When will the game go gold?
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The beta testers have no doubt found several issues with the game, and the producers I guess are spending time polishing things as a response. I think March. Later, patches will be issued on the web when flaws are found by the consumers. When that happens, we will of course contribute from this foru...
by Kalah
Jan 5 2006, 16:11
Forum: Campfire
Topic: It's here! Rage of the Carrots revived!!
Replies: 1490
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by Kalah
Jan 4 2006, 12:50
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: After the Battle
Replies: 12
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After the Battle

Damn, that's good....

Should be displayed at the Louvre.
by Kalah
Jan 4 2006, 12:50
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: The New Academy
Replies: 10
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The New Academy

Quite nice, actually - got kind of an "Aladdin" feeling to it... I like it, it's a change for the better.
by Kalah
Dec 22 2005, 20:06
Forum: Screenshots
Topic: Collector
Replies: 24
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Ouh, yess! Looks very nice... And I bet that's chocolate gold coins in the chest... My.. precccioussss....
by Kalah
Dec 9 2005, 21:36
Forum: News
Topic: Hammer & Sickle Gets Hammered
Replies: 8
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It seems Ubi has decided to take a calculated risk. Yes, the use of StarForce in Heroes 5 will probably cause the loss of some potential customers; the question is whether this loss will be compensated by the game's being copy protected. Ubi has obviously decided to take that chance.
by Kalah
Nov 27 2005, 22:24
Forum: Mapmaking Guild
Topic: The Mapmaking Guild F.A.Q.s
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The Mapmaking Guild F.A.Q.s

Answers for many of the questions people have about maps for their Heroes games. General I just made a map/campaign. How can I get it onto the Celestial Heavens site? - First of all, you need to make sure it's well-tested. We don't want low-quality crap ;) Also, your name and email address, map size...
by Kalah
Nov 27 2005, 22:06
Forum: Articles
Topic: Artifacts
Replies: 4
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What about the WoW artefacts?

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