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by hprwhg12
Nov 7 2014, 4:41
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Topic: The Cultist → The Conquest
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The Cultist → The Conquest

Heroic 1.6 It is difficult, (a fair bit of raping IS involved but I eventually win, with many restarts for various reasons (in a sense me raping back) by taking the S town first. I always go for expert logistics and tactics asap in 1st scenario, mainly for the second and this scenari...
by hprwhg12
Apr 10 2014, 18:37
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Heroic 3.1 First I will say that other than maybe four missions and a couple battles in the entire homm 5 series that Heroes 3 campaign+expansions is significantly more difficult. Except Raelag C3M3 from homm 5 original. That is the hardest campaign EVER. The only thing that comes close is the final...
by hprwhg12
Apr 9 2014, 15:18
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Topic: Tribes of the East → Flying to the Rescue → Tearing the Veil
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Tribes of the East → Flying to the Rescue → Tearing the Veil

It has been years since the post about not getting Tear of Asha because the shovel wont appear. Just hit "D", It is the keyboard shortcut for "Dig". It has to be the start of your turn of course. Surprised no one thought or mentioned this.
by hprwhg12
Apr 9 2014, 3:02
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Topic: Final Walkthroughs Completed
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Tribes of the East → Flying to the Rescue → Dark

heroic 3.1

Dont know how rest of path is going to go, but I just took care of 96 of the 100 assassins by sending them alone against the mages guarding the boots of swift journey that are at the base of the stairwell when you first come down.
by hprwhg12
Apr 9 2014, 1:19
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Topic: Tribes of the East → To Honor our Fathers → Hunting the Hunter
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Tribes of the East → To Honor our Fathers → Hunting the Hunter

heroic 3.1 I thought I had problems getting to fight Town H as well. Then I noticed that there is an artifact dropped by the hero I fought standing just outside Town H. It blocked my path and a sword did not appear it was just a "can't go" here circle with slash through it. So maybe this could also ...
by hprwhg12
Apr 3 2014, 17:14
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Topic: More From the Will of Asha
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Tribes of the East → Will of Asha → The Grim Cru

I don't know what planet you got the idea for splitting 4 x 1 skeltons for first battle. Before I even get a chance to summon avatar they are all dead but 1. Yes, it works fabulously for other battles early on. Just not this one. I hate this battle. I have to continually go back to the end of last m...
by hprwhg12
Apr 2 2014, 14:30
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Topic: Hammers of Fate → Ylaya's Quest → Dragons
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Hammers of Fate → Ylaya's Quest → Dragons

2.1 Heroic I can not believe how easy this was. I only fought battles that contained a mine, troop building, decent artifact or stat bonus and still made level cap. I easily got every stat bonus for Ylaya and Isabel. The big bonus you get in first mission for secondary quest helped me the most I bel...
by hprwhg12
Apr 2 2014, 1:45
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Topic: Hammers of Fate → Ylaya's Quest → The Break
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Hammers of Fate → Ylaya's Quest → The Break

2.1 Heroic First off is there a secret in this mission. At the end of the first road next to the skirmishers guarding some gold. There is a group of trees. My movement ended standing tin these trees and at the beginning of my next turn. A message popped up saying "I see something strange in the bush...
by hprwhg12
Apr 2 2014, 1:14
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Topic: Hammers of Fate → Ylaya's Quest → The Spy
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Hammers of Fate ¡÷ Ylaya's Quest ¡÷ The Spy

2.1 Heroic Nothing joined me to help either with the Druids, so I think you were very lucky for that. However, I defeated them with only losing 2 Blood Maidens. From beginning I split my Blood Furies and Assassins. I chose the 21 Blood Maidens and treated them like the Minotaur, by having them hit o...
by hprwhg12
Mar 31 2014, 22:44
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Topic: Fortress Walkthrough Complete
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Wulfstan's Defiance - The Guerrillas

2.1 Heroic I am writing this after completing the next mission "The Brothers" and am having slight trouble with the Thane vs. Champions tactic. I believe due to mana. It is all this missions fault. I would have had 12+ knowledge. I was level 16 exp rune/exp light/exp destruct/exp logistics/avd. war ...
by hprwhg12
Mar 31 2014, 21:42
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Topic: Wulfstan's Defiance - The Brothers
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Wulfstan's Defiance - The Brothers

2.1 Heroic I feel as if I am throwing a note in a bottle into the sea here but, If anyone reads these anymore maybe give a slight thought or tip. I will check back in a few years...Lol. Probably the next time I decide to play the Campaigns again. 10 Thanes + Fireball/Ignite+ Resurrection = Perfect v...
by hprwhg12
Mar 27 2014, 14:05
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Topic: Academy Walkthrough Complete
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The Mage → The Alliance

1.6 heroic not ToE I notice that if you have built up your characters properly through out their campaigns that you should take your time. Go slow. Kill, pick-up, and visit everything. The longer you take the stronger neutral, teal, and tan get giving more exp. when defeated. The longer your outside...
by hprwhg12
Mar 26 2014, 19:37
Forum: Articles
Topic: The Triumvirate
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The Triumvirate

1.6 heroic Do not let Rutger go underground. He will get a WAY bigger un-dead army I went slowly killing and picking up everything with Zehir (no logistics)on the way to Godric. Once there Zehir remained/emptied the underground and I had Godric run straight for the gate stopping for nothing until th...
by hprwhg12
Mar 23 2014, 17:32
Forum: Articles
Topic: The Ranger → The Refugees
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The Ranger → The Refugees

I think I may have found what causes the bug for Biara to not move. True this is only been done once but it was something significant imo. DO NOT touch the seer hut or shrine just left and north of town. or even fight the gargoyles or zombies protecting them. Maybe even leave the raksha ranis standi...

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