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by EvilLoynis
May 17 2018, 17:31
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Topic: Skill Wheel
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Re: Skill Wheel

How can I get the skill wheel for the non expansion H5?
by EvilLoynis
Oct 11 2013, 12:44
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Topic: Spin the Skill Wheel
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Skill Wheel

Can we get a note up top saying which version/expansion this wheel is for please? Not to mention a link for the non expansion one would be good to. It just seems to kind of suck that they changed it so much, especially and didn't do a patch to bring all versions of the game in line. I found it so an...
by EvilLoynis
Jun 13 2005, 13:39
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Topic: General Hints
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Just wanted to tell people that on that weird Island you get shipwrecked on if 2-4 of your people have the bow skill you should take on the Jellyfish things around the islands for some extra experience. They are pretty easy to kill, might take a bit of time though. Also in the keep on that Island I ...

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