[SOLVED] [HoMM II] Need help with Agg Packing Tool

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[SOLVED] [HoMM II] Need help with Agg Packing Tool

Postby evanisdead » Apr 11 2020, 10:24


I recently found a few HoMM II modding tools and decided to make my own sprite edits. Finished packing the .bmp files into .ICO with no problems and added that to the HEROES2 folder. Next step was to pack that folder into an .AGG archive, but then I got an error message saying "Cannot create file (...). Access is denied." I've tried:

1) Creating a .bat file to run the process
2) Running said batch file as administrator
3) Changing the folder permissions
4) Using a Linux VM to bypass Windows security ("An error occurred while adding files to the archive.")
5) Using a Windows XP VM to bypass Win10's security ("Cannot create file (...). The file exists." Weirdest error message yet...)

Nothing has worked, and I suspect it has nothing to do with me not having the permissions but rather crappy programming. Does anyone have any suggestions or alternative programs?

For anyone curious, these are the tools I'm using - http://heroes2.forumactif.com/t78-utili ... -utilities

EDIT: Found the solution! A really nice person on the HoMM discord server helped me out :) For anyone who may be having the same problem in the future, the fix was incredibly simple and I completely overanalyzed it: Instead of dragging the folder onto the executable, type "h2aggpack heroes2.agg" into the Windows command prompt. The lack of good documentation and detailed error messages will leave some with a headache for days :D
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