Heroes 3 resize mod for WOG/ERA is illegal

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Heroes 3 resize mod for WOG/ERA is illegal

Postby Artas1984 » Mar 27 2020, 23:40

Ok guys, you probably remember that in 2011 i made the Gigamight Resize Mod, exclusively for Heroes 3 Complete:


It appears that someone incorporated my mod into WOG/ERA, without permission. That happened quite a while actually, but i thought that by now someone would fix the problem... I would not be so mad, but the lazy bastard took no effort whatsoever to edit the WOG/ERA additional units/commanders according to my mod, since they look way bigger and lame... And people are obviously laughing at the disproportion between commanders and original units.

I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WOG/ERA MOD. Anybody care to confess who incorporated my mod into WOG/ERA without asking and properly editing it? It was never meant for WOG/ERA. Why do some people always ruin everything? Sometimes less is better... :wall:

Salamandre, weren't you supposed to fix this? I have all the respect for you in the world, but weren't you supposed to FIX the sizes for WOG/ERA? I don't remember...
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