Unleashing the Bloodthirsty Walk through

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Unleashing the Bloodthirsty Walk through

Postby dhalgren17 » Oct 10 2017, 11:03

Hello All:
I play this map once in a while and I find it really tough. I know that I found a walk through for it once, and I had it printed out.
Unfortunately I threw it away, and now I can't seem to find it on a Google search. Does anyone know where I might get a hold of
a walk through for Unleashing the Bloodthirsty?

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Re: Unleashing the Bloodthirsty Walk through

Postby Pitsu » Oct 11 2017, 9:32

Sorry, I do not know a walkthrough for it. There is a long thread dedicated to this map at HC http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=22785 and if you run into a specific problem you may ask it also here. Youtube seems to have some videos, but dunno if they are any good.
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