[HoMM3] Sharpshooter and rogue sounds

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[HoMM3] Sharpshooter and rogue sounds

Postby GreatEmerald » Jun 18 2017, 13:39

I'm done LP'ing HoMM2 and will now move on to HoMM3, so while I'm at it I figured I'd install all the fixes to the vanilla game. I got GreyFace's sound sync mod, which is nice, but I also remembered the issue with some of the neutral stacks. Rogues sound like gremlins, and sharpshooters sound like archers. Rogues in fact have their very own sound set that is not used.

Are there any text resources that determine which sound set a creature uses? That would allow for easy restoration of the proper rogue sounds. As for the sharpshooters, there are no extra sounds unfortunately, but the HoMM4 archer sounds could be used instead. If it's possible to point at external sounds, that would also be real nice.

If not, I suppose I will have to replace the gremlin and archer sounds... They have distinct sound types for upgraded and unupgraded variety, so it's not a huge deal to lose one of those.

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