Ubisoft = King Midas??

The old Heroes games developed by New World Computing. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby GreatEmerald » Feb 5 2015, 14:28

Bandobras Took wrote:"Clueless" might more accurately be applied to a point of view that fails to consider that they might well have checked where the game is now and decided that the changes from the original game outweigh the bug fixes.

Argh, no, for the nth time, they don't have the source code for anything past ROE. That's in their official FAQ. They did not decide anything.

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Postby Ermelloth » Feb 9 2015, 15:44

Back to the topic: with uninstalling H3HD and re-installing it to another directory the boat crush disappeared, but I get crushes on ambush events / some guardian mobs while playing original campaigns instead.

Tried to cope with it by avoiding mobs / places which caused these crushes until in 1st map of Long Life the King campaign the group of Zealots guarding quest artifact became game-crushing as well. I tried attacking them with another hero, tried to copy the save into H3Complete and load it there (sadly, HD saves aren't compatible with non-HD older game versions), etc... nothing helped. I can't continue the campaign since w/o that artifact the scenario simply can't be completed.

Here I gave up. I guess I will wait for universal crush fixes after all.

P.S. Horn of the Abyss, having like x5 more buildings, a whole new town, around 20 new heroes, tons of additions to even that of Heroes 3 Complete database, Gigantic maps 256*256 and so much more... won't crush even once. I completed a campaign in HotA and several random maps, including 2 G ones, and including on-line multiplayer game via Hamachi... all without a single crush to Windows. Says much about the "H3HD" quality.

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Postby BMJedi » Feb 14 2015, 17:51

Count me as one of the minority who is playing and enjoying HoMM 3 HD. I have the GoG.com Complete version as well, and I will switch to it if I feel like continuing on with Blade of Armaggedon after I finish Restoration of Erathia.

I have experienced no stability issues or bugs. I knew it was Restoration of Erathia only when I bought it - I thought they were very clear about that, and why.

I don't play mulitplayer, and I mostly just like to play the campaigns, for the story as well as the gameplay. I figured I might as well enjoy Restoration of Erathia in their remastered HD, which I like better than the way the HD mod looks on my big screen TV.

I've logged over 50 hours of play so far on Steam. I consider my $15 well spent.

That's my experience with the HoMM 3 HD release. I don't feel any need to argue with anybody about it, just to put my own experience with the game and my opinion about it out there for others to read if they want to.
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Postby Tress » Feb 15 2015, 18:25

I own homm3 HD but it's more for sentimental value. It's bit pointless to have game with no addons, since once you played with AB or SOD there is feature that makes game feel extremely incomplete.

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Postby cjlee » Jun 29 2015, 18:11

Ermelloth, I must correct you over your guano comment.

Guano is a big business. It is valuable to farmers.

I wouldn’t say Heroes VI has any value. That downloadable content nonsense means we don’t even get CDs to reuse as coasters.

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