Sam & Max alive again!

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Sam & Max alive again!

Postby Linky » Jan 10 2006, 21:29

I'm sure that at least most of the fans know this already, but the Sam & Max sequel is once again underway and will this time most probably even make it to the shelves!

If that isn't enough to make any enthusiast of the rabbit & pooch detective couple all tingly, Steve Purcell, the creator of Sam & Max is publishing a new web comic about the duo!

You can read the comic here!
Stay tuned about updates on the project either at the Telltale site above, or at

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Postby Psychobabble » Jan 12 2006, 8:07

I know this is just ad-spam, but I love the original game so much that I can't resist getting excited :) For those who don't follow the link:

The sequel announcement was made at a press event held earlier this evening in San Francisco. The event was aimed mostly at potential investors, discussing Telltale's unique business model and position in the industry, so the Telltale guys and Steve Purcell (who was in attendance) had little to say specifically about the new Sam & Max game other than the fact that it will exist, but that didn't do much to dampen the excitement.

What I do know is that the game is not a continuation of the cancelled "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" sequel that the Telltale team was working on while at LucasArts - this Telltale Sam & Max game is all new, started from scratch. Whether or not we'll see a few familiar locations and characters from what little was released from Freelance Police, though, is yet to be seen. Telltale's Sam & Max game will be released in episodic form, downloadable from their site and other games portals (similar to the approach they're taking with Bone).

I don't know how they weezled the liscence away from LucasArts and the episodic business model sounds a little odd (though definately suited to the genre), but still... yay! Again!

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