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Round Table Move FAQ

Postby Angelspit » Jan 3 2006, 21:26


Why did the Round Table move?

With the upcoming release of Heroes of Might and Magic V and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, we didn't feel the old Round Table was ready. ForumPlanet suffers from a lot of bugs that have been around for years and includes an unfriendly interface. Additionally, visitors often complained about the large Flash advertisement with sounds that were displayed on all pages. Last but not least, Fabrice Cambounet himself complained some time ago that he was not allowed to post on ForumPlanet anymore. So we realized that, as part of the ongoing Celestial Heavens expansion, integrating the site and its forums was the logical next step.

What are the benefits?

Celestial Heavens and the new Round Table now share a single login: if you are a member of CH, you are already a member of the new Table. The advertisement on the new Table directly benefits Celestial Heavens, its contributors and the fan sites they support. It is smaller than what used to be displayed at the old Table, and contains only text and static images. The new forum architecture will also allow us to develop features that have been requested by users for a long time.

What are the disadvantages?

The archives of the old Table could not be transferred here. There were too many differences between the phpbb architecture and the ForumPlanet board system to even think about a conversion. Also, the member post counts have all been reset. In return, veterans from the old forums will be offered a special status here. We see the opening of the new RT as the beginning of a new season, as we leave the old quarrels about Heroes IV and 3DO behind and embark on the next phase of a long travel.

Why do I already have some posts to my record?

All news and page comments on Celestial Heavens have been considered for your post count.

Where is the Technical Corner?

From now on, technical support will be offered in the game-specific forums. Having a separate forum for technical help caused a lot of duplicate threads to be created in the past.

Who made such a move possible?

The move of the Round Table is the result of a lot of work, right in the middle of the holiday season. Protecyon set up the integration between CH and the RT and on the board security. Robenhagen created the new layout and other images. Gaidal Cain and Kalah wrote the FAQs that will help you get started. Pitsu, Kristo and Igoraki also provided some very useful suggestions. Some outstanding work was done in very little time.

Who are the moderators?

The moderators of the new Round Table are the same who contributed to make the old forums such a wonderful place. Feel free to contact them if you experience any problem in the new forums.

Who made those emoticons?

The emoticons of the new Round Table were created by Wildbear and originally used in Karyll's old K-Forum. They were often used at the old Round Table instead of the default ForumPlanet smilies, so it made sense to use them here as well.

What's next?

The opening of the new Round Table is the first step of Celestial Heavens' renovation, a process that will last several months. The site is in better health than ever before, all because of your continuous support. We thank you for that, and we hope you will make the Round Table your home.
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