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Discord FAQ

Postby Pol » Jul 23 2020, 23:56

How to join?
Discord is available on many platforms. For PCs it's easiest, click link and you will be forwarded either to web client or discord client if you have it installed.

For phones you need to first to downlad the app from the store. Launch Discor. Now, either you see dialog to join or you see that plus on the right bottom. In case that you are already using Dicord and have some servers added. Click on it and paster your link.

Invite is invalid?
Ask for a new invite, some invites are set for forever, others can be time limited. Also there are other limits, link can be changed or you joined too many servers.

How to sent PM?
Click on friend or another server member, from the text or from the right, do right click and hit "Message". This must be first allowed within the server.

How I will see that someone sent me a message?
Peek left up, there will be hanging number of your PM ;)

What about bots?
They have their own commands, check docs. You can do test with, them translate, make quizies, interactive forms etc..
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