Era, VCMI and WoG confusion :(

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Era, VCMI and WoG confusion :(

Postby Echo » Dec 29 2014, 0:48


It's been a while since I played HoMM3, last time I was confused (like I am now), so I just played through HotA campaign and then went back to my beloved old friend WoG (can't really enjoy HoMM3 much without it).

But now I see the other projects are actually developing like crazy, and the threads are 100 pages long, and generally I've failed to find a simple comparison and explanation that would tell a WoG-n00bie

what in puppies is the difference between VCMI and Era? Do they work together, are they for players, or just modders, are they playable, are they stable, do they bring WoG's possibilities, do they do other things?

I know it's most likely all clear for you guys, but for someone completely out of it, it's not easy to find a clear comparison and explanation :creative:

Thank you!

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Postby Salamandre » Dec 29 2014, 4:25

How is not easy? Go google, type Heroes III era or Heroes III vcmi and use the first links coming. Then you will be at the right place. Both vcmi and era sections are no longer updated at CH, too much work, too less interest.

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Postby Pol » Dec 29 2014, 12:46

VCMI aim is to create a completely new engine, including AI. So, it would use only resources from original game. From long time perspective this is the only way out.

ERA2 - modify original program and uses WoG converted to mod. So, at this moment it's WoG surpasser.

Another interesting point is to HD mod. Which works with many iterations of the game, allowing to play you the game till resolution 4000x4000px. It also includes stereo soundfix.
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