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AMA Answers #ama-answers

Postby Pol » Apr 5 2020, 21:56

reprint from Discord

Dear Lords,

With the release of the recent update, we have collected the most concerned questions from our players and would like to answer them here. This AMA patch note includes the server population question, hero balance concern, and future version planning that lots of players have been concerned about.

We plan to conduct regular Devs AMA every month in the future, and the answer will go to this #✅ama-answers channel. We hope to strengthen our communication with players and give you timely feedback on our game plans and your questions. Thank you again for these great questions!

Feb 25, 2020 Full AMA Q&A list: ... 068109756/ @everyone
Devs AMA - Feb 25, 2020 | Facebook
Dear Lords,

With the release of the recent update, we have collected the most concerned questions from our players and would like to answer them here. Thi
Are there plans to add more content to Guild Adventures? Very little to do right now after the quests are done concerning that section of the game.
You can see there is a “Treasure Map” feature in the guild. This feature is in the process of final debugging now, and treasure maps will be released in the future version. At the same time, we also plan to add some guild cooperation gameplays later.

Any information on what is planned for cross server content or server mergers to improve server communities that are smaller?
We plan to develop cross-server PVP gameplay that is server-based, camp-limit and hero-limit, as well as cross-server Battle of Gods that is individual-based. We are expected to add them in a future version soon.

When will we get our daily half price summon back?
We plan to add the half price summon bonus back in the future version.

What do you consider to be a healthy number of active players per server? And what is your remediation plan if servers’ population fall substantively below that point?
We’ve been following the number of players in each server in real time. Where necessary, we will merge servers.

Is there any plans for balancing heroes that are currently in the game some are just breaking the game making units less impactful?
For heroes and units that are too strong or too weak in the game, we will continue to pay attention to its performance, and iteratively optimize its own attributes in future versions to maintain the overall balance of the game is not broken.
At present, the feedback we received from players on Solmyr is relatively more concentrated. We are paying attention to the strength of Solmyr. According to our original design intention of him, he is the nemesis of the one-man unit, so his damage to the one-man units will be higher, but his damage to the multi-member units is relatively weak.
In addition, the problem of high damage caused by Solymr in Azur Dragon was unexpected, and this problem has been fixed.
To be sure, in the future versions, we will design more fun heroes with special expertise, please stay tuned!

Ubisoft, you have plan to add to f2p ways to get SSR?
In our game design, all SSR can be drawn for free. We’d like to recommend our lords to participate in the various fun in-game activities to get lots of free diamonds to draw your favorite SSR!

Ubisoft devs, when will there be more chapters for underground and regular story chapters be added?
We are continuously developing, including new Underground chapters and main storyline chapters, as well as new gameplay. The latest chapter update is expected to be in March, and the date is here, so stay tuned!

Will there be new Artifacts? There is a third slot for an artifact skill in the upper row, but there is no other skill through artifacts available atm?
Yes, there will be. In the future versions, we will launch legendary treasures from the Might & Magic Heroes. The treasure skills can be used to fill these positions!

There is always one guild that dominate each server. They get all the underground cities and dragon utopian every week. Can you do something to encourage other guilds to participate. For example. Add 2 more dragon utopian cities maybe 20 moves apart and add fog of war. So high level have to waste move if they want to camp all around.
In addition to the Dragon Utopian, there are many other cities in the Underground. If the defense is dispersed, it will be relatively easy to be robbed. A guild with smaller population has less competition in the acquisition of some map shared resources, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages in different gameplays. We will pay attention to the feedback and experience of guild maps and the Underground to ensure your game experience.

When are you going to hire some translators instead of using google translator? So we can understand all the texts in the game. It is quite frustration when we say something is wrong to mods then getting “it is not a bug but translation error” as an answer.
We know that some existing translation problems have caused confusion. We are very sorry for this! We will continue to optimize the quality of translations. We’re welcomed for all players to provide localization suggestions and bugs, and we will offer rewards for those valid and adopted.

Are you going to be rebalancing heroes? I want to use Vidomina with my necro team, but her summons are not great. Her spells need reworked. Either buff the skeletons to be a bit stronger or eliminate the 20 second time limit.
The balance of heroes has always been a matter of our close attention. We will always pay attention to the strength of it and adjust it according to the version.

Our server barely has 100 daily players despite marked full. We desperately need some way to get new or returning players.
There will certainly be more cross-server gameplay in the future, please rest assured! We continue to pay attention to the population of servers and will implement server merge at the right time.

Can you please allow f2p players to buy the 3 extra daily passes for Duel of Champions? These passes are mandatory to get to higher ranks and with how small servers it would help me see more than the same 6 people every day when I buy my passes.
This is a good suggestion! We will consider opening this permission to players who continue to play (up to a certain level).

Why do we still get Catherine soul shards? Guild tech rewards that gives Catherine soul shards every day replace with UNIVERSAL SHARDS!
We will consider replacing Catherine shards with universal hero materials in the future, which can be used to exchange for other heroes, such as Adelaide.

CM-EvelynLast Wednesday at 4:15 AM
Dear Lords, this month’s Developers AMA is coming. Check out our developers’ feedback to the most frequently asked questions below! @everyone

It can’t be right that Sandro at level 4 beats Solmyr easy. Do you realize that Sandro gets overlooked because in its current state is overpowered?
We've been keeping an eye on players feedback about Sandro, and actively looking at the backstage data.
Sandro as the most powerful necromancer in Erathia is the leader of the Necropolis faction in our design. While greatly increasing faction’s combat power, it also slows down the enemy's attack speed, and attack rear row units by casting [Implosion] in a high frequency. So his powerful is what we expected.
In that case we also made some weaknesses for Sandro out of game balance.
1.[High Morale] and [Low Morale] are mutually exclusive, so a hero that can provide high frequency of [High Morale] can offset the [Low Morale] caused by Sandro’s ult.
2. Sandro is very short of mana, he needs a lot of Necropoli’s units in the battle to provide mana recovery, while Necropoli’s units are normally 4-units and 9-units with weak survival ability. By limiting the mana recovery speed of Sandro, using Devil, Green Dragon to first kill the back row units, Sandro will have no enough mana to release the spell.
We encourage players to explore and find more strategies to count heroes!

Can we have more interactive activities among players in the game? Dual of champions not gonna cut it and guild adventure has its limitations.
There will be. We will not only provide PVE game play in future updates, more similar PVP game play is under production. In the coming months, we will release cross-server PVP game play to give players more challenging options.

Are we gonna see dungeon and fortress function anytime soon?
The dungeon faction will make a debut soon, and other classic factions will also open in succession, please stay tuned!

Can we get another server boss dragon thats not on monday and thursday?
In future releases we will add unique gameplay to these time periods to ensure that you have a different gameplay to experience each day.

Guild adventure will be cross server? we can’t find enemy in our server. And you still doing good events just for fat wallets.
We expect to release a new cross-server PVP gameplay in the next two months, where players will be able to challenge players from opponent server and there will also be competition between servers. Please give us some time and we will try to bring it to you as soon as possible.

When will the Rampart faction shine?
Each faction will have its own powerful period, and as more units wake up, new heroes added, the battle will become much more diverse. Just like the current Sandro + Necropolis faction combination, please stay tuned!

Having to wait from 84 to 88 for a new story chapter is really bad. And on top of that you launch a new hero dracon with it that you can’t get before 88 or even higher.
We've taken note of the players' need for this. The release of Dracon comes with the release of the main chapters, and we will increase the level cap as soon as possible in the future to encourage you to get new heroes that are open in the release.

You need to change the Catherine shards in the guild xp chests. Everybody has so many it's not even funny. Or make a way to exchange excess hero shards for universals.
The shards will be replaced, and we will adjust the placement of Catherine shards or the release of universal tokens according to the guild level while considering the benefits of both old and new players. We will also find ways to consume Catherine tokens in the future.

Could you please remove DoH wins from lore requirements? Given that we have no control over whether the hero in question will even be a choice, DoH-based lore is an artificial gate that we cannot get past via skill, knowledge, or anything other than blind luck.
We learned that some Hero’s Lore are tough. We plan to make adjustments to reduce the difficulty of some of the Lore quests and make them easier to pass.

How does a troop with high morale interact when low morale is casted on them? Do both cancel each other out or do both stay on the troop or does high morale prevent low morale from applying or does low morale prevent high morale from applying?
The two are mutually exclusive. If A gets attack speed bonus from [High Moral], taking [Low Morale] will directly remove A’s [High Morale] debuff and take the [Low Moral] debuff instead, and vice versa.

Can the guild messengers give teleport opportunities as an item instead of forcing you to use it immediately? With my luck, I seem to always get 2 or 3 in a row. I've just teleported to where I want to be and the next one is wasted.
We designed the teleport as an immediate use because we hope to prevent players to hoard a large number of teleport items which could potentially affect the balance of other functions (such as the sphinx answer).

Can you guys add a dummy hero(who does not cast anything even artifact spells) to the Free Practice -Training Grounds? My magics are too strong to try out low lv units even with weakest heroes.
In our design, the free practice mode is a function designed for users to test the strength between different formations owned, so both sides are the users' own heroes and units. On the other hand, there is no interference in the challenge practice mode, which should meet the corresponding needs of the players in this mode.

Will there be a Sandro portrait in the near future?
We are very sorry for the problem of not being able to use Sandro’s avatar. We are working hard to solve the problem and hope to add it to the game as soon as possible.
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