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Re: Battle Tower

Postby Panda Tar » Nov 9 2018, 13:16

Hm, got it. Thanks for these info.

My only thing with mantis is the random aspect of it, which might mitigate damage to where it shouldn't, but all in all, I had very similar results with Flaptrap and Mantis. I did had a different result whenever I try to use a Yellow Unit. The end damage score is ever higher, but I rarely manage to keep the yellow unit alive in that last wave against all those green nightmares, so it's less 20% bonus. :( With Yellow, I arrived at the end with something like 83-84K damage points (before all bonuses), whilst without yellow I only got 75-76 K.

Dino Sore I always have my Mantis dead in the end, even with def boost from the ant. But I forgot to try using that Alpha Dragonling, which has more HP and defense. ;|
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