Windows 10 compatibility issues

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Windows 10 compatibility issues

Postby Craigbagua » Nov 29 2018, 19:04

Hi there is anyone else having compatibility issues with Windows 10? HOMAM 6 worked up until September this year and now won't work have tried 'run as administrator' and compatibility mode but nothing works

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Re: Windows 10 compatibility issues

Postby Pol » Nov 29 2018, 22:10

Strange news, that is.

W10 - no launch fix
Full Thortle/Taken from Steam wrote:I recently reinstalled HoMM 6 and was having the same problem. This fix worked for me: browse to the program folder, right-click "Might & Magic Heroes VI.exe" and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and check "Disable fullscreen optimizations." Click OK.

There are also some other recommendation:
Slow game, lagging heroes:
* Give the the game an exception in Windows Defender

Won't launch, black screen:

* Go to "Documents > The folder Might & Magic Heroes VI > Go to the folder named by your name or you username" > And open file "Profile Data" here, there change <gfx_Fullscreen2>Fullscreen</gfx_Fullscreen2> to <gfx_Fullscreen2>Windowed</gfx_Fullscreen2> (for Win7)
* If you have too small resolution, change it also here or rename the folder and launch the game again - this will create a new profile
* Or don't update windows 10 past version 1709 :tongue:
* Remove and install again Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package 2010
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