Lota Turns & Twists map

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Lota Turns & Twists map

Postby kylde001 » Mar 11 2008, 17:17

hope I'm posting in the right place :) I thought I could play this game but this level is IMPOSSIBLE? I've done 2 missions, the old man's bag of never-ending gold, and the 10,000 gp info, but at SOME point one of the AI heroes WILL attack me and slaughter me, as the only decent stack I've met to join me are 3 angels? I've tried occupying resources, (mines etc), NOT occupying resources, killing AI heroes, NOT killing AI heroes... Lota 1.1 for HoF 2.1

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Postby Ya5MieL » Mar 28 2008, 21:44

I found the map pretty easy. Nothing the AI threw at me was dangerous enough, it just provided the experience.

Trident that does +50% lightning damage helped, and building up solmyr in previous scenario as well.

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