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MOD Idea/Request

Postby CarthianGod » Feb 17 2008, 15:01

Greetings to all of you excellent Modders out there,

I have a couple of ideas for HOMM5 MOD development, and as I have no idea how to "MOD" I humbly beseech your mighty Modding superpowers.


Firstly I like the idea of combat happening simultaneously, for example when 2 stacks attack each other then they fight and inflict casualties at the same time, which would input a sense of "Realism" to the exchange of blows. Naturally the stack with the higher initiative would get a bonus somehow.

Secondly, I liked the option to have roaming monsters in HOMM4 and the fact that the monster stacks could have a variety of creatures in them. Would it be possible to have something similar in HOMM5 and also say if there were other nearby allied monster stacks nearby they could have a random chance to join in with the main fight as well.

Thanks for reading and hopefully somewone could make these ideas into a reality.

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Postby Metathron » Feb 17 2008, 15:27

and the fact that the monster stacks could have a variety of creatures in them.

That IS possible in Tribes of the East.

As for your other proposed changes, I think the game is too far advanced and the players too used to the game play as it is to be able to appreciate such radical changes, especially simultaneous combat.

(Just for the record, I did/do love the simultaneous turns in HoMM IV.)
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Postby Akul » Feb 17 2008, 15:28

I am not a bodder, but I think that both of thiese two features are impossible to implent.
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