Might & Magic Warlords Project

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Might & Magic Warlords Project

Postby DrakeBD » Feb 1 2008, 17:46

Hello to all me and my team at HyperGames2K8 are currently working on a new game that combines both might and magic 7 for blood and honour and heroes of might and magic series we need some support and help with this if anyone is interested got to http://www.freewebs.com/hypergames2k8/index.htm and go to the forum to sign up or use the link on the first page even if u cant help with the game and just want to leave some info in the forum or post your ideas feel free to do so

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Postby Kristo » Feb 1 2008, 17:51

No need to announce in multiple places. Let's use this one in the Might & Magic forum.

Thread locked.
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