Any Mod related with AI in TOE?

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Any Mod related with AI in TOE?

Postby apkairan » Nov 25 2007, 5:35

This is about the AI behavor in the custom map ( ex rise to power )

Until Homm5 1.3, the AI of the computer in the custom map had been very cunning and impressive. and whenever I met the enemy hero, their hero army strength was always about about equal or a bit superior to my force. This made me feel like playing an epic boss battle in the campaign map.

But from 1.4 to TOE, AI behaves like a dummy and the battle is too damn easy even on heroic. Not to mention that now its impossible to have any epic battle as computer tends to mix up and divide their unit among multiple low level heroes. ( moreover with wrong combination. imagine the dungeon hero with bunch of babarian units and few of its own forces)

Is there any mod that modfies the AI behavior in TOE?
I really miss the epic battles from 1.3

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Postby magnomagus » Jan 5 2008, 16:24

A mod that fixes this problem and does several improvements can be found here:

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