Team Candidature & Maps submissions

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Team Candidature & Maps submissions

Postby Vokial » Apr 17 2007, 17:42

Team Candidature:

You can help us in:

1. Testing:

We need more testers, the work of the tester is to play Heroess 5 GotP, before the MOD will be releaseed, the first test will begin very soon.

2. Programming:

We need more programings too, people with good experience in the programming or Heroes 5 modding can help us and we need them.

3. Graphics designer:

Work with Photoshop or other programm.
Work with 2D or 3D graphics.

4. Mapmakeing:

We need more single- and multyplayer maps, with or without the GotP additions. In Heroes 5 we need more maps.

If you want to help us send an email to or send a message vie the forum to me.

Maps submissions:


1.1 Topic name

The name of the topic (with the submition) should be: "MSM:*Name of the Map" for multyplayer maps and "MSS:*Name of the Map" for singleplayer maps, for examples:

"MSM:Ghost of The Past" and "MSS:Ghost of The Past"

1.2 Images

In the topic with the submition you must post at least 2 images:

1 Screen of the map, and 1 screen of the minimap.

1.3 Description

The map submition must, lines for:

Map Name
E-mail Address of the Author
Map Size
Undergrouns - yes or no

1.3 Download Links and files

Permissible file formats:


The Best maps will appear in GotP!

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