Change Log - 0.3 Alpha version - only for testers

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Change Log - 0.3 Alpha version - only for testers

Postby Vokial » Apr 17 2007, 17:35

Change Log(0.3 Alpha version - only for testers)


- New name for the race "Sanctrum"
- The upgraded units are Renegades now
- New skins for Peasant, Archer, Footman, Griffin, Priest, Cavaleries, Angel
- The colours in the town turned to red oriented
- New music in the town
- New Battle music


- New skins for, Battle Griffin, Angel


- The Wight and Wraith are level 3th creatures
- The Wight and Wraith use teleportation
- +1 Attack to the Skeleton and Skeleton Archer
- +1 Speed and Iniciative to the Zombie
- +1 Speed to the Plague Zombie
- Liches and Archliches are small creatures now
- Life Drain special ability drain 100% of the demage
- Ghost and Specre are neutral creatures, out of Necropolis
- Black Knight, Death Knight are Lv. 6th creatures
- Black Knight ability - Curse strike, Death Knight Ability - Hexing stricke, Harm Touch
- + incorporel ability to the Spectral Dragon
- New skins for Archliches


-New skins for Thrient


- New skins for Blood Fury/Maden and Shadow Dragon
- The Shadow Dragon in now Red Dragon
- New skin and Model for Dark Champion


- New skin for Imp


- Changed in following creature animations:

Shadow Matriarh
Water Elemental
Fire Elemental
Master Hunter
Obsidian Gargoyle
Stone Gargoyle

#Spell Book

- The effect of the spell can be seen directly in the casters spell book, before casting
- Chages almost all spells names


- Many new description of objects
- old names of the spells (heroes 3, 2 and 4)

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