All about the Sanctrum

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All about the Sanctrum

Postby Vokial » Apr 17 2007, 17:32

aka: The Worshippers, The Inheritors, The Brothers
Associated colors: Gold, Red, Brown
Worship: Agadar - the all fair
Core Philosophy: "Do everything as Agadar need and want!"
Capital City: Talonguard
Key Symbols: The red Crow, The noble Griffin and The Flaming Sword



He rule the Empire and after the religious war high church master.

Members of the order of the red Crow:

They ae very good trained Knights. Their task is to keep the order in the Empire, and the Emperor, also to seize members of the infidels and execute them.

Members of the red order:

War order, the members are answer for the Defence of the Empire during war.


Are called all monks, priests and all othet servants of Agadar.

The Infidels:

The are secret society - the last true mans of Elrath and the dead Queen Isabel.

The Seraphs:

The are favourite and cardinal servants of Agadar, the The Seraphs are only 3 important persons in the Empire.


968 YSD - The Holy Alliance

The 6th Eclipse War is over. The empire has been restored and the Soulscar threat is out of the picture. Queen Isabel and Raeleg get married, and have a half human half drak elf son named Redar. Prince Andrei, the rightful Hier of the throne, is taken away to grow with the Church of the Red Brotherhood. The head priest, Arsem, raises Andrei like he was his own child.

988 YSD - Rise of Agadar

Redar is 20 years old, and the Brotherhood is now a strong force in the Holy Griffin Empire. Arsem dies, and Andrei takes his place as the head priest. The Brotherhood starts to worship Elrath's brother: Agadar.

991 YSD - The Procession

Torch procession in the day of Agadar, leaded by Andrei, over 300 000 people are in this initiative.

King Raeleg sees the Brotherhood as a threat to the empire, and the Brotherhood is banished.

Many of the Brotherhood members leave.

996 YSD - The Symbols

The remaining followers, hidden within the Empire as a cult, begin planing a revolt. To draw more worshipers, Andrei declares 3 symbols for the Brotherhood: The Red Crow, the Mighty Griffin, and Agadar's Flaming Sword.

998 YSD - The Red Order

As members are trained into warriors, the Brotherhood has its own army: the Red Order. As 400,000 members are in the Red Order, Agadar contacts Andrei in a dream. Agadar tells Andrei the following:

3 signs you shall see,
and the Brotherhood will rise,
3 signs and the Griffin will fall dead,
and I'll be on my the thorne of Glory,

1000 YSD - The Doom Star

A comet, called the Doom Star, strikes Ashan. The Holy Griffin Empire is thrown into chaos, and Andrei realizes this as the first sign.

1001 YSD - The Signs

Mysteriously, all over Talongaurd red crows start to appear. Andrei is waiting for the last sign, which appears 3 month later. As the sun set, its light shine over the Altar of Haven, making it look reddish. Suddenly, a red Angel bursts from the sky and lands by Andrei. A new troop for the Red Order, and the last sign, the Seraph is Adagar's word of war.

1002 YSD - The Religious War

The Brotherhood declares war on the Empire. For 6 months, the Red Order fights with guerilla tactics until Talonguard is weak enough for an invasion. The Brotherhood takes over Talonguard, and from there the whole empire.

The Empire calls for renforcements as Raeleg leads the Empire against the red Order.

1004 YSD The Fall of the Empire

As the final siege is won by the Red Order, the elves arrive. 50 000 dark elves attack Talonguard, but are defeated when an army of Seraphs led by Agadar himself, emerge from the sky and destroy the elven forces.

Queen Isabel and Redar are executed, but Raeleg manages to hide underground. The Holy Griffin empire is no more as the Red Brotherhood rules and the Sanctrum is built.


Peasant --->>> Enforcer
Archer --->>> Crossbowman
Footman --->>> Vindicator
Noble Griffin --->>> Sacred Griffin
Monk --->>> Zealot
Crusader --->>> Champion
Seraph --->>> Blood Seraph


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