How to change the UI and add new buttons?

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How to change the UI and add new buttons?

Postby Apocalypse » Mar 20 2007, 14:57

Hi all,

I want to add a new page containing the skill tree in the Hero screen

First I'd like to add a button, like the Army, Artifacts, Racial and Skills, Abilities and Biography buttons are (on the left). I got it placed but it doesn't respond to my command (i.e. it's a useless button)

Second I want this button to bring another window (like the Scenario Options button does). This new window will contain the skill tree and maybe some additional buttons if it's possible.

The thing is that I spent a very long time searching in the UI xdb files and haven't found anything regarding actions taken by pressing a button. All the buttons send some <EventName>something</EventName> events but I haven't found a window or something reading this event (so that the game knows which window to bring when you press a specific button). I just hope it's not hard-coded in the exe :(

Any help would be appreciated :)

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