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Campaign Mod

Postby uncreative » Jan 17 2007, 18:59

I built a mod to put the original campaigns into HoF. I followed the making a custom campaign tutorial, and just inserted C1-C6 into the campaign menu and threw all the C1-C6 files and folders I could find into the .pak

So far, Haven Campaign and Inferno Campaign work just fine, cutscenes and everything. The problem I'm encountering is twofold. First, the first mission in the necro campaign seems broken. One Academy hero never moves and the other immediately destroys the purple (dungeon) player. I end up having to spend precious weeks running around avoiding the one moving academy hero and collecting enough troops to attack the non-moving hero. Once that's done, there are too many neutrals on the map and I have to take the dungeon town. I destroy the other academy hero and end up biding my time until I have an army large enough to take out the neutrals on the way through the underground. However, what I found was that Markal could die and the mission wouldn't end. I don't know if the entire mission is broken, but I am curious as to whether or not anyone had this bug in the original. HoF doesn't update original HOMM5, so my mod accesses 1.0 campaign files. If so, should I uninstall HoF, patch the original, then re-install? Otherwise, any suggestions as to why this could be happening?

Second error: I can't find map or cutscene files in the resource tables for anything beyond campaign 3 mission 5. Consequently, the campaign selection menu in-game (HoF) doesn't show anything beyond mission 3. Is it possible that I need a scroll bar for the campaign window? How would I add that?

EDIT: Sorry, I mean the advmapdesc table shows only the A1C# campaigns for HoF. None of the normal campaign files are visible. I cant's find them anywhere when looking through map editor tables.

Any help on both this issues is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

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