Even Diablo fans want HoMM V keys

Because we play other games too.

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Postby Grumpy Old Wizard » Apr 8 2006, 12:40

Well, some builds are harder to play than others, but I would not say that you have to have all the best items, but decent items are necessary for most builds once they hit Hell difficulty.

However, as you say, Hell was certainly made harder and some builds (single element sorceresses for example) will have a tough time.

Some builds such as a lightning trapper with fireblast backup and dual element sorceresses can still play with only what they find.

In general, playing single player requires more skill and tactics than multiplayer does since you have to make a build that is playable through all the acts and you can't rely on another player to "rush" you.


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Postby Thelonious » Apr 8 2006, 12:54

I think this thread should go to the Heretic's Hall.

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Postby Gaidal Cain » Apr 8 2006, 16:38

You don't want to make enemies in Nuclear Engineering. -- T. Pratchett

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Postby ThunderTitan » Apr 8 2006, 16:49

I think the Hall of the Heretics should be renamed Heretics Hall.


If the Assa and Sorc get hit even once they will die if not dressed properly. And there are other 5 classes in the game.
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