Trackmania free game!

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Trackmania free game!

Postby Crusard » Jun 3 2006, 15:03

For the last few months I've been playing Trackmania Nations a lot. And mostly making tracks and custom cars for it :P (I'm addicted to game editors...)

It has awesome graphics, sounds, and everything, but what's really cool about this game is the possibility to make new tracks and play them online with other people! The editor is really powerful (You can even script stuff in it, it's amazing), and it also includes an awesome "painter" so you can paint your custom car skins so players can recognize you!
The racing style is not a common one: There's both technical, realistic styled tracks as well as totally crazy races with loopings, wallrides, corkscrews, massive jumps, all limited by your imagination :P

Wether or not you're a fan of racing games, download this free game and give it a try, you'll be addicted!
If you play, let me know and I'll send you my tracks, they're the best :)

(Yes, that's my custom car :P)

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