System Shock Remake

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System Shock Remake

Postby Pol » Sep 27 2019, 21:23

Believe it or not a few days ago, at 23rd September there's 25th years Anniversary or the first System Shock. Times when Shodan was born. (Similar to Sandro or Corak but we don't know when it was..)

As Nightdive Studios promised remake for both parts and even new System Shock 3, for what they pledged 1,35mil$ from 21 625 backers. Inspirational.

Because of overreaching project goal, they sworn a strange sort of promise. To provide it everything later, than promised, but as perfect as it needs to be. ;) It's noteworthy that original date was December 2017, with goal only 0.9mil.

Sometime I'm asking myself, if biggest failure of current MM/H franchise are not too low goals. But no, it's lack of vision. Where is no vision what needs to be achieved, the goals are empty.

What they do have by now?

Warren Spector, tuned engine, pre/alpha releases and a vision what it shall be in the end. And the motto, that the game will deliver what you remember, when moved to today. Memory is a tricky, resolution moved to HDX from times when VGA with 640x480 was a king.

SS3 - Details, from where it will grab on :anime:
SS3 - Dance for a new publisher, Dev & Pub Tango :D
SS3 - Balancing gameplay, violence at the right level
SS3 - Teaser, Shodan is hacking you
25th Anniversary Twitch
September update from the Backstage - Take a look under hood, see models and stuff from the project.

A desired result is:
SS - Remastered
SS2 - Remastered
SS3 - Released
(Estimated release date at 2020)

Fingers crossed! And to flock the crowds there's SS - Enhanced Edition on GoG for 1.39$/€ Good starting point to start a trip toward your memory lane. ;)
(But it can be better to take a part in Friday's Code Giveaway, ..sometimes.)
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