Playing New World Computing Kings Bounty

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Playing New World Computing Kings Bounty

Postby Sir Alock » Dec 23 2013, 15:12

I'm sure many of you know that New World Computing's "Kings Bounty" started the HoMM franchise back in 1990. I found it @ & D/L it. Played 3+ hours last night & had a blast! It brings back my old DOS days! It's a tad tricky to get use to the UI, but you'll get the hang of it. I thought I would post some links if anyone is interested playing this grand old title. It does have it's own charms! You need to run this in DOSBOX & I posted a link for the KB manual as it uses copy protection & you'll need to get into the game. I Should mention that if you own a copy of HoMM1 (Windows 95 version) it's on that CD.

DOSBOX 0.74 Link:

Kings Bounty Game:

Kings Bounty Manual:

A great Kings Bounty website for all types of information: ... /king.html

There is no music in the game but you'll get a laugh @ the sound you receive after you win a battle! It's so "old school" Maybe a few of you might give it a try! Enjoy.

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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Mar 20 2014, 9:28

I got mine from abandonware and it had no copy protection.

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