Any Quest For Glory fans here? The Coles r making a new game

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Any Quest For Glory fans here? The Coles r making a new game

Postby Blake » Nov 20 2012, 8:25

Hey guys.. I just realised I should probably post about this here as I pretty much grew up playing HoMM & the 5 game adventure RPG hybrid Quest For Glory series so there might be others here who did the same. :)

Good old QFG pics

The orginal QFG creators Corey & Lori Cole are working on a new game called Hero-U (kind of set in the QFG universe as they don't have the rights to make a proper QFG games yet) and have a Kickstarter for it. There's 12hours left on the Hero-U Kickstarter and they've aaaaalmost got there but its a worry.. I keep refreshing every hour.. this is gonna be a close finish lol! If there's any QFG fans here check it out and lend a helping hand! :)

I've been broke lately plus Im not sure if I'm even gonna like Hero-U but I just threw in a nice $90 for 3 reasons:

1- My way of saying a big thankyou and showing loyalty to the Coles for the 5 QFG games that I’ve love so dearly since my childhood. To me the money is really a payment to the Coles, not really HeroU.

2- The Coles have hinted that if Hero-U is successful then there's a good chance of more QFG games in the future. If it’s not then we can probably forget about any more QFG. So I consider the money a future investment for QFG!

3- Ya never know, maybe HeroU will be really good. It is being made by the Coles after all!

Hope they get there!!!!!
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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Dec 26 2012, 10:44

I really liked this series, especially the 1st & 4th ones.

However, there be games u might want to play again & again, yet there be games u might not want to play more than once or twice.

Sadly, for me, this series belongs to the second category.

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