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The trailer

Makes me scream for more!
Makes me scream for Grom Hellscream!
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Postby ThunderTitan » Apr 25 2014, 20:34

Hey, Banedon, you check out the changes yet? Prob not enough to make you come back if you ran out of content to do, but they're pretty nice to see... maybe put that Bifrost skin in a lvl 1 char just for kicks...
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Postby Banedon » Apr 29 2014, 21:14

Lol, I played a couple of hours recently. I did see the changes and even checked out the new grandmaster traits (although some things like killing the High Wizard of Arah I never got to do, since the megaservers screwed gw2stuff up). However I'm just not getting enough of an urge to play. There are things to do - craft up ascended armour for my characters, ascended backpiece, etc - but I just don't feel enough of an urge to play.

Are you still playing?
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Postby ywhtptgtfo » May 11 2014, 0:35

I beated the original campaign and never really cared to play after that. Although the awakening of the Jungle Dragon might be interesting

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