Ubisoft release Era of Chaos worldwide

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Ubisoft release Era of Chaos worldwide

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Nov 28 2019, 13:31

MM Heroes: Era of Chaos were released worldwide! If you preregistered I can only guess that you will receive your "pirate Catherine skin and legendary pack" when connecting the game with your Ubisoft profile. Which needs to be the same like your pre-registration e-mail.

Let us know, if you play the game ;)


MM: Elemental Guardian - a few days ago received series of updates. Improving graphics, stability and running on phones with 1GB of RAM.

The Last one bring new monsters and spell, being called: "Dark and Light Update". In April Dev Sergi released roadmap, you can check it here. Some of its planned futures were however already delayed, like "Infinite Turns Strategy". As there would be too much changes at once.
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Re: Ubisoft release Era of Chaos worldwide

Postby BB Shockwave » Dec 5 2019, 16:23

Wait, they are doing major revamps and changes... RIGHT after the game has been released???

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Re: Ubisoft release Era of Chaos worldwide

Postby Pol » Dec 5 2019, 22:29

These are two different games. MMH: Era of Chaos and MM: Elemental Guardian. And factually both are here for a few years, albeit Era of Chaos was released worldwide just now. But worldwide is the key world. In China it was 2016 or 17, dunno exactly.

So not a new. Only newly released. ;)

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