Sucession Wars Mod - History

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Sucession Wars Mod - History

Postby {CH}ArticleBot » Dec 9 2018, 22:36

Put on the music, and try to read it in time! Image A few months ago Sir Albe posted a nice history of "Sucession Wars Mod" on Enroth diehard fan community board. Summing it up completely from year 2008 to presence. To celebrate and remind its 10th Anniversary.

Before you will delve deeply, to devour on it, you should probably know, that new version of mod wasn't yet released and it's expected to be soon™. Or in other words, to be, when it will be ready. But the mod was already once made public in version 0.7.


  • This is modification of Heroes III. engine.
  • That it is compatible with HD Mod by baratorch (minus HD+).
  • That it should come with converted H2 and H1 maps.
  • And it's based on the original lore.

Let Orzie speak(quote):

"Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars is a fan-made total conversion modification of Heroes of Might and Magic III, which aims to recreate the unique atmosphere of its prequel, Heroes of Might and Magic II, and to provide qualitatively new gaming impressions to the fans of both games.
Further development of the project intends lore integration with the Might&Magic series by New World Computing with attention to earlier games of the series."

This is a good read. Go on!

And for Sucession Wars Team, one big Hooray! from CH, thanks guys for keeping one dream alive.

Thanks FireCage321 for info.

Read full article...
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Re: Sucession Wars Mod - History

Postby Pol » Dec 10 2018, 15:28

The linked thread is divided into two part, so you need to do a small jump after reading the first.

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Re: Sucession Wars Mod - History

Postby Panda Tar » Dec 12 2018, 12:00

This is one of the few mods I would gladly try, as H2 was my favorite. Anything that would expand a bit its horizons is welcome.
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