H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 9

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H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 9

Postby Aemaeth » Mar 19 2015, 22:46

Dear Heroes,

A new struggle appears in Ashan, in Seamus' Empire. The Duke Ivan wants to show the people Seamus' atrocity in different nations and frontiers.
A War is about to begin, and all characters have to pledge loyalty to the Emperor, or join the “traitorous” Duke of Griffin.

<i>Using Talonguard as his base of operations, Ivan would gather his and Stefan’s forces, march on Horncrest and remove Seamus from the Holy Throne. Of course, thanks to the information I had obtained on my end, he already knew that beyond the borders of the Stag Duchy, Seamus was also preparing for war…</i>

See more on <a href="https://mmh7.ubi.com/en/blog/post/view/tales-of-the-ten-years-war-part-9" target="blank">Heroes VII Dev Blog</a>.

<p align="center"><img src="https://ubistatic-a.akamaihd.net/0004/prod/images/150317_Prequel_9/Thumb_Prequel_9.jpg"></p>

If you would like to take a look at the original page visit this link:
http://www.celestialheavens.com/viewpag ... 1426805208

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H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 9

Postby Yurian Stonebow » Mar 25 2015, 19:12

"H7: Tales of the Ten Years War - Part 9"

How many Parts are there yet to come? Are we beginning to feel the inflation on these or what...?
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