How can I edit graphics files for MM6?

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How can I edit graphics files for MM6?

Postby KruhlSentru » Apr 29 2019, 10:13

So, funny story - I have beaten MM6 3 times (or more), played through it half way about a dozen times, and only JUST noticed that the game contains outright nudity. I... I have no idea how I missed that. But, in case you're wondering, open your spell book to the water tab, and check the upper left image. Topless nudity on the mermaid there. Even the ESRB apparently missed that, but still...

Anyways, I know not everyone cares about this kind of thing, but I figure if I can just edit that one picture real quick, then the problem is solved. Assuming, of course, that my incredible ability to not notice such obvious things hasn't caused me to miss some other thing in the game lol. The catch is, I'm not familiar with how to work with this kind of thing. I just downloaded MMExtension, and I'll be trying that out, but I'm really unfamiliar with making mods without any sort of traditional workshop (like the creation kit for Skyrim, for example). So, would anyone be able to give me some idea as to where to get going on this?

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Re: How can I edit graphics files for MM6?

Postby Macintrash » May 1 2019, 6:42

MM6View by St0rmcat. It can locate, export, and import data if I remember right. You gotta find the file yourself though :)

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