9 beneficial bugs/glitches in MM6

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9 beneficial bugs/glitches in MM6

Postby tomchen1989 » Jan 13 2019, 11:29

There are actually many beneficial bugs/glitches that can be exploited in official v1.0 - v1.2, unofficial v1.3 (v1.3=Mok's patch≈GOG version≈UPlay version) as well as in GrayFace versions. Perhaps you already know some or all of them, perhaps not.

1. Unlimited experience from Lord Fire
After completing the Lord Fire quest, you can repeatedly open the dialog when you talk to Lord Fire to get the rewarded experience again and again.
v1.0 only

2. Unlimited gold from the Obelisk reward
The Obelisk treasure is hidden in a boulder in Dragonsand, you can open the boulder again and again, getting 250,000 gold each time
v1.0 only

3. Unlimited skills
Even if your character is not supposed to be able to learn certain skills because of his/her profession, he/she can still learn it by clicking somewhere around the text "Seek knowledge elsewhere .." or clicking the top edge of the right colume at a guild.
Partially (only non magical guild) fixed in v1.1/1.2

4. Repeated +20 all stats from Shrine of the Gods
Press the Enter key then repeatedly press the space bar to get +20 all stats again and again
Never fixed

5. Zero recovery time
When a character is inactive (in recovery state, his/her Timing Gem is off) while another character is active, you can open the active character's stats/skill/inventory screen, then switch to the inactive character, then close the stats/skill/inventory screen, then the inactive character can attack now.
Partially fixed in v1.1/1.2; fixed in GrayFace Patch

6. Kill an enemy instantly
In the adventure screen, hold a scroll of Telekinesis spell and right click on a character's portrait, the nearest (hostile) monster will instantly disapear and you will instantly get its money and belongings. You can kill strong monsters such as dragons, or monsters holding quest item using this method. However, you can't use this to kill Reactor and Demon Queen - they would disapear, but the game system would not think you had killed them and the subsequent events would not be triggered.
Not fixed in v1.3 (Mok's patch/GOG/UPlay); fixed in GrayFace Patch

7. Unlimited gold and items from a dragon carcass by saving/reloading
Save your game in front of a slayed dragon's carcass. Click the carcass, you get some gold and an item, and sometimes the carcass is still there: The dragon carcass actually have some chances (0-10% I suppose) not disappear and available to be exploited again. If it disappears, then just reload the previous savegame, if not, save the game - by doing this, you force a 100% probability that the dragon carcass will not disappear.
Well, it's not a bug, so it should never be fixed

8. Frozen in-game time (god, undead mode!)
Press "Enter" to switch to turn-based mode, then quickly press "Enter" twice (quickly switch to normal mode then back to turn-based mode), then start a new game. In the new game, the in-game time is frozen at 9:00 a.m., peasants move weirdly. However, a travel still takes several days, monsters still attack you, but the game will never restart even if your characters are all dead - the four bodies can still walk to a temple to seek curing, in other words, you are in god, undead mode now! (the four dead bodies can talk to NPCs to finish quests but cannot buy anything)
Never fixed

9. Fifth slot
Speedrunners' favorite. However it's so buggy, when I use this, my game crashes a loooooot.
Fixed in GrayFace patch as it disables the "ctrl+click a portrait" feature
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Re: 9 beneficial bugs/glitches in MM6

Postby random_content » Jan 29 2019, 6:20

adding my thoughts for fun :) I hope you don't mind.

10. Ring of Fire

11. Wall and Door seam angles.

12. AI Pathing

-followed by these exploitable mistakes-

13. Unlimited/Free = Arrows/Ammo

14. Fly

15. Lloyd's Beacon

16. Town Portal

17. Telekenisis

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Re: 9 beneficial bugs/glitches in MM6

Postby Tress » Jan 29 2019, 9:21

Pretty sure most of 10-17 can be considered actual game mechanics, although some of them can be somewhat badly thought out. Would agree on RoF as it seems really glitch and is removed in subsequent games.
On actual game bugs, wasn't there bug that allowed to learn non-class skills ? I vaguely remember that it was listed somewhere but cant find references to it anymore.

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Re: 9 beneficial bugs/glitches in MM6

Postby mib121 » Feb 1 2019, 4:37

Here u r. nice 2 meet u here

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