How is a mod like Chaos Conspiracy/MM7Rev4Mod made? Plus some questions.

The role-playing games (I-X) that started it all and the various spin-offs (including Dark Messiah).

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How is a mod like Chaos Conspiracy/MM7Rev4Mod made? Plus some questions.

Postby Echo » Feb 28 2017, 14:40

Hi. So I'd appreciate a n00b-friendly answer. Unless it involves using Hex Editor and editing with 01s, then just say so and move on :D I will not understand that wizardry.

Anyway, I'm curious what goes into the process of changing these games so majorly, defining where the player starts/what locations and NPCs are called/what is said in quest-text/how new events or quests are introduced? All those fancy fear-upon-entering a location, spawning of stuff, changing teleporters, the goodies.

And additionally simpler questions:

1. Is there any reason not to/problem with adding monsters manually? Last time I played around modding MM8 I've discovered that if you increase the spawn size by the monsters.txt file, a lot of the spawns just... don't spawn anything. Then I discovered I can just add monsters one-by-one onto the map and they seem to work just fine. But that just begs the question if it's gonna cause problems that aren't immediately visible?

Same with the sprites actually. It would appear you can just add a bajillion of trees/anything else and revamp the way locations look without any problem. How's that really?

2. Still no easy and coding-less way to modify the hard-coded bonuses on weapons/armor? For instance making "of the gods +50 to stats or changing some artifact's special ability to be stronger?

3. There are things like "Finger of Death" that appear to be still left-over in the code from MM6 (MM7? I don't remember if it had that still). In MM6 monsters could cast it, the Mino Kings for instance. But they don't seem to be able to do it in MM8. Is it removed from the code or is there a way to reintroduce those things? Variety in enemy skills is always fun, and I miss the sound! :D
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Re: How is a mod like Chaos Conspiracy/MM7Rev4Mod made? Plus some questions.

Postby Sslaxx » Feb 28 2017, 16:30

Well, there's MMExtension and MMEditor nowadays for 6/7/8, but when Chaos Conspiracy was originally released these tools either did not exist or were considerably cruder than they are now. So for that one I suspect a fair whack of it did involve hexediting.

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