Might and Magic III Unboxing - M&M Channel

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Might and Magic III Unboxing - M&M Channel

Postby elrammo » Jan 12 2017, 20:55

Hi all.

I run a youtube channel and my most popular videos are my Might and Magic ones, I've done a long form commentary on Might and Magic VI, two parts of a let's play/commentary hybrid for Might and Magic VII (very edited, not just watching someone play), and today I've completed my first unboxing video.

Hopefully this is the kind of place where I can share this, I want as many Might and Magic fans as possible to enjoy my work. My videos take a long time generally and get not-so-many views so hopefully y'all can appreciate I'm just sharing something I enjoy doing.

Anyways, my Might and Magic III video is available here:

There will be unboxings for Might and Magic IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X to come in the near future.

My most popular video is my Might and Magic VI video:

My current series is Might and Magic VII, with a new video coming out within the next few days.

Personally I think my quality is improving with time. So maybe check out a few videos and see if I have something to offer you. I'm super happy to talk about anything to do with my videos here, and you'd be helping me reach more fans if you comment/like/favourite all the usual crap.


*If there's somewhere else on this forum where this would be more relevant, send me there!

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Re: Might and Magic III Unboxing - M&M Channel

Postby Pol » Jan 13 2017, 21:30

You are on the right place!

Well, spotted seems, watched few and it looks like now is the best time to play the old clasic again. Heh, good job!
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