Heroes 3, probably still most successful game in the series, spiritual successor of Heroes 2, after all - it's based on the same engine. There also exists Heroes 3 HD by Ubisoft but it's missing both Add-Ons, Armagedon Blade and Shadow of Death - on the other hand, Ubisoft released it also as an Android game. Developed by 3DO and published by NWC. Among with Heroes 4, it have the best map editors which warranted thousands of maps and campaigns created. Recommended mod here is ERA2, which is "WoGified", meaning that it contains WoG, in a way. WoG 3.59 is still along the way but there is plenty of other fan mods, like Horn of Abyss. If you would like just the vanilla game, certainly install HD mod by baratorch. This one is already included in ERA2. Should mention also VCMI, which is not a mod but a new engine, with everything written a new, reusing game assets, adding new ones and having version for Android too.

Title Published Date
H3: Complete Rampage 12 January 2017
Fanstratics - A Spiritual Successor from the lead game designer of Heroes of Might and Magic III 30 July 2020
Elixir of Life → Valley of the Dragonlords 02 January 2005
Elixir of Life → Thief in the Night 02 January 2005
Elixir of Life → Graduation Exercise 02 January 2005
Eagle Eye 31 December 2004
Combat Training (2) 31 December 2004
Birth of a Barbarian → The Meeting 02 January 2005
Birth of a Barbarian → Returning to Bracada 02 January 2005
Birth of a Barbarian → On the Run 02 January 2005
Birth of a Barbarian → Falor and Terwen 02 January 2005
Birth of a Barbarian → A Tough Start 02 January 2005
Artificial Intelligence 31 December 2004
Artifacts -> Misc - Hero Boost 13 October 2006
Artifacts 13 October 2006
Armageddon’s Blade → Seeking Armageddon 10 August 2020
Armageddon’s Blade → Catherine’s Charge 20 July 2020
Armageddon's Blade → Shadows of the Forest 10 August 2020
A Community of Map Makers 29 September 2010